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Hi guys, I was forced some days ago to "play" with MSI Afterburner voltages, besides this I want to ask some advices for a future overclock of both cpu&gpu.
My system is:

CPU: 1st gen i5 750 2.66
RAM: Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333MHz CL9 XMS3 Dual Channel Kit
MOBO: Asrock p55 pro usb 3.0
PSU: AnteqBasiqPower 550W
Case: CM 690 Advanced usb 3.0 (2x140 fans, 6x120 fans)

I played Bf3 alot recently, but since the release of a patch I have "directx error getremovedsesion..."(you can find the error on google). This error appears mostly on factory overcloked gpus like mine from original clock 675 to 780, the final solution in order to not get the error was to add +50 voltage to afterburner's slider. How this could effect my sistem/gpu? From the GPU temperature graph the MAX t was 59, but mostly it stays at 48-53 plaing bf3.
Is this good or bad?