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Push/Pull top mount Storm Stryker with low profile and or regular fans simple MOD

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Push/Pull top mount Storm Stryker with low profile and or regular fans MOD that worked for me.

Drill bit (remove rivets)
Large crescent wrench (bend angles on handle)
tools required to attach screws and nuts
4 x 1”x 6-32” spacers (6-32” is the hole size non-threaded)
3 x .50” x 6-32” spacers for handle to center bracket(6-32” is the hole size non-threaded)
7 x 6-32” screws for above
I used (4 x 1.50” stainless allen head screws) inside to top of case holding spacers and center bracket
I used (3 x 1” stainless flat beveled screws) this allows clearance under the Center bracket attached to handle
3 x .50” 6-32” screws for the handle being re-attached to the front bracket.
10 x 6-32” nylock nuts
4 x 6-32” regular washers for inside of case where screws push threw the 1” spacers

1: Break down PC if it is built (do not want any drill shavings finding a new home)
2: Drill out rivets holding the hand to the front and center bracket
3: Drill out rivets holding center bracket to the case

The HANDLE is now IN your hand and ready for the simple mod.
4: Take the Handle and bend the Front bracket (NOT the front bracket attached to the case) to match the angle of the Rear bracket of the HANDLE.
5: Take the handle and bend the Rear bracket to match what the Front bracket was (should be now 90 degrees)
5a: Now square up the Handles attachment points (the part of the Handles bracket that you drilled out the 6 rivets)
5b: Now the FRONT of the handle is now the REAR (meaning we have now just spun the handle 180 degrees) Why? Because the Handles REAR Bracket is approximately 5mm longer.
7: I bent the tabs that hold the filter in place UP and away just a tad to allow for fans or radiator to have wiggle room.
6: Assemble by looking at the images and all should be good. Sorry for the bad Images my lighting sucks in this room.
Notes: The image with the guy in the pic is me forcing the top panel of my case down into place with 120mm cougar fans. May not be an issue just not what I would be happy with

I did notch my top panel so that my top panel was not touching thus creating vibration issues. And yes the handle and all is sturdy.

I did the above not for Push/Pull but so that I could mount my radiator on the top of the case and use fans with shrouds on the inside of the case. (underside)

If you do not want to use low profile fans then the image I show with the top of my case being notched out should work with fans that are not low profile. I can not say all 120mm fans so measure measure and measure before modding and or purchasing fans. Low profile fans most likely will NOT require Notching your Top Panel.

Wanted to share this simple mod I came up with and that worked for me.

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Hi Stephen,

I used a very similar approach to my case build. I have attached some images for you to compare with yours but you also see the full build here http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/custompc05.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware



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Hi Ted,

I had NO idea this was already posted; I did see the other option on this site; however, it was a bit to much of a trouble when mods can be much more simple; when seen as difficult.

Your mod does look just about a twin of mine. Credit though is all Yours. Thank You for replying so others can use this information to help them with mods.

Mine (mod) being mounting the radiator on the top of the case then finding out fans can do a push pull which I am not interested in; however wanting to share that.

Your effort in all aspects with pictures shows a much better outlay of the concept.

Thanks for posting and taking interest.


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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your comments but whatever method is used, if it works for your type of build then it has to be the right solution regardless of other methods. I originally go my idea from a guy who bent his handle with pliers but although it did the job, I was not neat or in my opinion sturdy. So I came up with what you have seen.

Fitting 4 x 120mm x 120 x 25mm fans was quite tight but I made plenty of measurements first and thankfully it all worked. The scariest part was bending the handle, as if it had gone wrong, I knew that it was going to cost me another case!

I also modified the side panel to take fans as well to call the graphics card http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/custompc03.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware and modified the drive cage to allow a push/pull configuration for additional cooling http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/custompc04.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware if you are interested. The whole build starts here http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/custompc01.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware

Good luck with your build and I hope you post some photos of the finished product. I am sure that you will invest a lot of time and effort as I did smile.gif

Here is a photo of my PC being used for its intended purpose - Flight Simulation!


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Oops! I forgot to add it... Here you go smile.gif

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