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The bubbles arn't an issue everyone, the pump is pumping from the bottom of the res. It pumps to a lower rad in the case, and flows all the way up to a gpu block, then to another rad, then down to a cpu block to the top of res. BTW, My first thoughts were that your pump is working pretty hard to make that long upwards pump through a 2 radiators and a GPU block, I can imaging the water pressure around the CPU portion of the loop is weak, and the CPU being watercooled is what this is all about. Once the GPU has water flowing, it doesnt move in temps much. The CPU needs cooling bad though.

Just my 2 cents OP.

To answer the OP, never leave your cap off. You don't want any stuff to get into your loop.

BTW, Captain lolburger is correct, with ambient temperature fluctuation, the pressure of the loop rises and falls on a constant basis. There will always be a little pressure, be it positive or negative pressure. It's not going to effect a loop whatsoever, and there will never be enough pressure to bust a res, I can guarantee that.

I also can guarantee that anyone here can unscrew their cap a tad and hear pressure hiss. This is perfectly OK. thumb.gif
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Use this... it works both ways. Allows pressure to escape and forms a seal from the outside air.

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Thank you everyone. I've read all comments posted and I'll give rep to those that helped in return.

@Warrior420, my pump seems to work fine with the long loop I have, only at 3000RPM water slowly is pumped back into the reservoir, at 5500 (Max) the pump is jetting, and I mean jetting, water into the reservoir. I'm getting 75 degree load temps on a 3930k@4.6Ghz,1.4v.
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