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hello everyone smile.gif
i was trying to overclock and i watch many videos and read guides to try make my first overclock as good as i can so i put my config and i hope you me with your experience and tell me some tips
i have 4770K , asus maximus vi hero , and H100i
i change ai tuner profile to manual
cpu ratio or multiplier to 44
cpu voltage to 1.200
dram freqancy to 1333
cache voltage i don,t understand it so i kept it on auto
with this settings my cpu can boot into system and run AIDA64 for 2 hour with 82C dgree maximum
but i have small problem , the voltage stay 1.200 at all time even the cpu is not under load , i can,t use offset voltage because i don,t understand how i change it and the adaptive can,t make it with stress test programs
i hope you help me with your experience and tips smile.gif