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For Sale:
[Complete 775 benching setup] DFI LT P35-T2R / 8 775 chips / 2x1gb OCZ DDR2 1100

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Everything Listed was working perfectly when I shut off the system 5 days ago. The DFI board is unmodded and will do 1.87v in windows (maby more with a pencil mod) The ram works fine and runs at rated speeds and timings I never really pushed it. All the chips have been tested working as of 5 days ago. There is a little discoloration in part of the socket (was like that when i got it) but the board functions fine and has no bent pins.

I will ship everything via USPS insured mail all items will be NON DOA
asking $175 OBO shipped US48

Currently NOT parting out unless you want 2 of the 3 items

What you will get


OCZ Gold DDR2 1100 2x1gb

Pentium 4 521
Pentium 4 3ghz
Pentium 4 805
Pentium D 945
Core 2 Duo E6700
Celeron D 346
Pentium Dual core E2160
Pentium D 830
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