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Intel CPUs + live streaming questions

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So im currently running a 8350, and i do live streaming via twitch, all in all, its working great, but im addicted to outputting a "perfect" stream, like ive seen other people more recently been able to (and ive yet to figure out how)

So I was wondering if anyone is running a 3770k/4770k, and can stream 1080@ 60 fps, either via xsplit/OBS/something else, while not causing your cpu to be under 90-100% load the entire time, If some how? are you using dxtory/or something similiar? atm no amount of settings ive found can help, and if you are using a program i just mentioned whats the drop in cpu usage when you do use them (that would help me gauge what I need to do)

Also, Ive seen that hyperthreading dosent offer much of any help when it comes to running games, but would it aid in the encoding process of livestreaming? If so, what benchmarks would I be looking for, ive seen some encoding benchmarks, but im not entirely sure how they correlate to and actual live stream, versus simply encoding the video to your hard drive.

Im currently running AMD, but ive posted a thread on their side to see if anyone can stream at that quality, with my cpu and how, and if not i was going to go over to Intel, and I need information before making a buy.

Thank you for reading and your responses
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Well with my AMD 8120 i didn't even reach above 50% when stream so it's very weird, what games are you streaming?
Other system specifications could help to
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well atm a 8350 @ 4.6
currently running 1080p@ 60 frames ranging between 70-80% load, highest temp after a session was 42C
7870 BE'd in Xfire

streaming league of legends, all in all, its "just fine" but im trying to reach seemless quality, i noticed my friend upgraded from a 3770k to a 3930k, and it looks amazing, thats why I was thinking of running a 4770k (the encoding benchmarks ive seen rival and exceed most of 3930k ones)

worst case scenario i end up building this entire new computer and running a multi-system stream, which i would assume would outperform single systems by a fair margin
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