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For Sale: MSI Z87I

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Global

MSI Z87I - $130 $120 shipped
This was an impulse purchase from Fry's a few weeks ago. I used it for 5 minutes to test the above CPU. Booted the 4770k at 4.5GHz and put her back in the box. Mint condition with all original packaging and accessories.

Asus P8Z77-V - $135 $120 shipped.
Super nice board, if I had any 1155 stuff to use it with, I'd definitely be keeping this. This one comes with I/O shield, driver disc, manual, SATA cables, external USB, and some quick connect jumpers. The box will be from a different motherboard.

Gigabyte HD 6670 - $45 shipped.
Impulse purchase from my last trip to Microcenter. Comes with original packaging and accessories.

Intel 4770k Retail - $290 shipped
Costa Rica 3312B707 - Fresh from Intel RMA. Popped in to test, booted into Windows at 4.7GHz 1.30v. 4.5GHz needed 1.23v. YMMV. Comes with retail box with the big white Intel RMA sticker on the front. Unused HSF, and Core i7 sticker still intact.

Intel 4770k Retail - $290 shipped
Malay L312B154 - Bought from Fry's a couple of weeks ago. Retail box with unused HSF and Core i7 sticker intact.

Intel 4770k Retail - $290 shipped
Malay L315B357 - Opened for testing. - sold to aSilva

2x2GB Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2 2133MHz - $30 shipped
This kit. 9-11-9 timings. These did 2200MHz on 8-11-8 and like 1.68v.

Prices are shipped to United States. International shipping is available at buyer's expense.



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Price drops!
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Still for sale? Intel 4770k Retail - $290 shipped?
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4770k sold! Probably another available soon smile.gif
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