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Hi guys long story short I switched from an AMD FX8350 setup to an Intel i5 3570k setup. On my intel setup is:
NZXT Phantom
G Skill Sniper 8gb 2133mhz
Noctua DH14
i5 3570k
ASrock extreme6
Sapphire 7970 ghz vapor x

I am stuck at an overclock of 4.5 ghz on my intel cpu and I can't go any further without increasing the vcore it says on the BSOD list. On 4.5 ghz, prime95 I get scores of 65-70C max on all cores with 1.264V it says on CPU Z. I have my CPU LLC at level 2 and offset mode .005v. Can you guys help me overclock my i5 more? PS I'm loving intel a lot more.