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I guess the question is sell my 7970 ghz edition and buy a 7990 or crossfire my 7970. I can get another vapor-x for $379 or sell my current and pay $669 for the 7900. The question is how much less power does a 7990 use then 2x 7970 vapor x and how much cooler would they stay? Also, how much extra performance do I really get from a 2x 7970 setup?

I just got rid of my water cooling setup, so I'm a little unsure about temps.
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It would be easier to sell off 2x7970 down the road. Performance/wattage would be about the same i believe, while heat generated by 2 cards is quite a bit more.

I'm asking myself a similar question - except whether to get a 2nd 7970 (while i have my current one OC'd to 1250mhz), or sell it for a 8970 in a couple months - im going to assuming its going to sell for around the same price as a 780 ~$650
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