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So I picked up 2 of these Dell GR23P for really cheap and re-pasted them, and SLI'ed them.

They are insanely awesome video cards! Compared to even my GTX 470's in SLI.

By stock there is no voltage adjustment but a lot can be achieved by it's stock 0.950V 3d Voltage.

By stock the GTX 460 idles at I believe 51mhz at 0.887v or so.

I brought the clocks to as follows...

2d - 10Mhz @ 0.825v
(Can decode 1080p and even up scaled 1080p to 2048x2048 (AR 16:9 corrected)

3d low - 100Mhz @ 0.825v
(This mode is set to 100mhz because 10mhz couldn't handle 1080p RGB32 VMR9 Renderless up scaled to 2048x2048, Without having to boost up to 3d clock "High Power Consumption). That makes this video card great for HTPC! Plus SLI and being extremely power efficient while delivering huge 3d performance.

3d - 900Mhz @ 1.125v

(HUGE HEAT ON MOSFETs) I will need to get a 100% pure copper heatsink solution for the MOSFETs on both cards. Since under load both GPU(s) at 900Mhz may see upwards of 170C on the MOSFET portion of the PCB.

Even by stock at 650mhz and 0.950v the MOSFETs will see 150C continuously under 3d load. At idle the MOSFETs are cold or at ambient temp.

By adding a copper heatsink to the MOSFETs to fit under the shroud and fan. I could figure that the MOSFETs may go from 170C at 900Mhz to around 60-85C. Depends on if it's pure copper and the thermal interface adhesive performs very well.

Idle consumption on each gpu at 10Mhz each is total of about 5-15W per gpu! (25W each by stock). Since in 2d it runs at pci-e 1.0 x1 speed which is 75W divided by 16 = 4.69W from the slot and the 75W from the 6-pin. Under load the max potential is 150W because you get 75W from the slot in 2.0 x16 mode, and 6-pin pci-e power. At 800Mhz I see about 55C per GPU in very hot Ambient temp of around 105F. So to see these things running this cool in this ambient is amazing!

I get 60fps at vsync limit on all games maxed out at 1920x1080 and full Anti Aliasing... Everything on ultra 4x aa 1920x1080 battlefield 3 runs 60fps hitting gpu's at 80% each. Crysis 3 is 60fps everything maxed on an insane config for volumetric lighting and enhanced tesselation at 1920x1080. Some games will sit at 20-30% per gpu and run at 39C in 105F Ambient! That's on an older unreal engine 3 game. For instance Brothers in Arms Hells Highway 60fps with a custom config I made with 8192 resolution shadows and enhanced lighting and texture densities to insanity levels up to 100 times higher than the standard "High".

That's from BIOS Modding them.

GPU Core Clock(s) Stock @ 650Mhz @ 0.950v

GPU Core Clock(s) @ 800Mhz @ 0.950v

GPU Core Clock(s) @ 900Mhz @ 1.125v

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