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Logitech G602

Poll Results: Would you buy this mouse?

Poll expired: Aug 31, 2013  
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Ok Logitech Thanks for another mouse which I am not interested in.


Finally they are into mouspads as well. (thx Syklit)
I was interested in their cloth mousepad until I saw only 1 mm thick. I need at least 3 mm for adequate comfort.




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looks as "good" as cheap chinese gaming mice
sensor is probably a3050 with some power saving bs that gonna make tracking even "better" than it was =D
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Shape is interesting. 250hr Battery life is great, benefits of very low power draw; inc LED.

On the flip, pricey. Likely shared AM010 solution found in G100S.
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Id love to have g700 with wireless charging capability.
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Yeah looks to be a bit large for my tastes.

Also, no specifications on size or weight that I've seen. I bet it weighs a ton (like the g700). Looks like it's probably not for me.

@Berserker1 when you say it "looks as good as cheap Chinese gaming mice" are you talking just aesthetics or are you talking build quality? Because it looks like it's pretty well built indeed to me. The finish and fit of the parts looks extremely well made. If you're talking about the style, I guess that's personal preference.
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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

On the flip, pricey. Likely shared AM010 solution found in G100S.

Indeed, also it makes no sense to me to bring out a wireless gaming mouse with such low cpi marketingwise, only a handfull of enthusiasts is probably interested in it, and in retail most people will probably buy the G700s instead.
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There is likely well calculated reasoning behind the move, though I'm not on that scale of thinking.

I'm more interested in the hard pad than anything. Size is fine for me ^^
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Design (shape, button placement) looks interesting to me. Won't buy one though. Not really interested in wireless peripherals. New mousepads are interesting on the first sight.
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Button shape would probably be good for those three-fingers-on-buttons-grip persons.
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