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I received an HP Thin Client t5720 that would not boot because of missing system files in the operating system. I want Windows XP Embedded on the Thin Client, and I spoke with an online MS representative who told me that Embedded versions of Windows are always handled by the hardware manufacturer.

I found this portal for the t5720, which contains drivers and Windows XP Embedded images for the Thin Client. Whenever I use either of the images they have posted, it appears to go through the installation process at boot and asks me to unplug the USB drive and restart the computer. Upon restarting, I see the HP screen, and then the screen turns and stays black. Occasionally, there will be a like of ||| symbols about where the loading bar would be on a normal XP screen.

I am not very familiar with Embedded Windows, and I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have troubleshooting this. The PC in question is out of warranty, so I can't contact HP. I was thinking about re-flashing the BIOS using their utilities on that same webpage, but it's not so clear to me how to do so with no OS, as the utilities they provide seem to be OS-based.