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Hard Mouse Mat Suggestions.

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I'm currently looking for a new gaming mouse mat that would be suitable for a mid/high sens FPS player. I have only had experience with the steelseries qck which I've had for about 6 months now, and it has served me well I suppose but I don't feel that it suits my playstyle. I'm specifically looking for a hard mouse mat with low friction and consistent tracking that doesn't degrade over a short period of time. I will be using it with a Deathadder 2013 and/or Zowie FK if I decide to buy one. So far I've been looking at the Razer Manticore, Corsair MM400 and Steelseries 4/9HD however they all seem to have mixed reviews. Size isn't a huge priority as I am mid/high sens player but it would be nice to have the extra room if needed. As for cost I don't really have a set budget but it would nice if it's within £50 or so.

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Func Surface 1030 XL.
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I can also recommend the Func 1030 L (it's way too big for me, but then again all mousepads seem to be now a days). Unfortunately it's becoming difficult to find for sale which is a bit concerning. Newegg and amazon are out of stock (some 3rd party has them for sale on amazon at least, just not prime). One thing i can say having used hard pads for the last 10 years is that they are all going to lose their texture and wear down over time. I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on hard pads of every construction type and the func is definitely my favorite. Unless you go with a glass pad it's going to wear down. The func will develop smooth spots where you use it most, my mouse moves about 1" in either direction and that small area is definitely smoother than the rest of the pad now, it doesn't bother me and hasn't affected sensor performance on my roccat kone pure mouse.
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I have the Mionix Propus 380. Not too big and has been a really good surface for me. They also offer a aluminum mouse pad that got pretty good reviews. Bought both the surface and a Naos from Amazon for under $100
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