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Span Displays in SLI with 5.1 HDMI out - PROBLEM

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i7 3930k & ASUS Asrock Extreme11 x79 Motherboard. - Has onboard 7.1 Sound core / sound blaster Recon3d.
3x ASUS VG248QE Monitors (Dual Link DVI IN)
3x GTX Titans (Dual Link DVI OUT to Monitors)(HDMI OUT to Receiver)
1x Cambridge Audio - 351R AV Receiver (IAVAILABLE - Optical IN - 4x HDMI IN - 2x Coax IN)

For the life of me I can not get a decent 5.1 signal to go to my AV Receiver either by Optical or through a HDMI out from my Titans.


All HDMI ports are free except the top card is used for the HDMI audio to the receiver.

Ive tried every hdmi port and nothing the best is the top card.

So HDMI Works fine when I do not select [Span Displays with Surround] in NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL.

But as soon as I activate SPAN DISPLAYS I get nothing!

So when using activate all displays its fine and I get perfect defined channels for each speaker in my 5.1 system.

**** Would a 4th gpu like a GTX660 or GTX 760 be able to do the hdmi out to the reciever and also do my physics perhaps? Just an idea I had.

Optical is still messed up. I pushed the surround modes button and the only symbols that showed up were DD and DTS. Also it didnt no have all the speakers properly displayed like when HDMI was in use.

Optical should work with bitstreaming but I cant find how to do it with windows 7 or my SB Recon3Di software. I have seen optical 5.1 with bitstreaming work with my own eyes / ears at the local HIFI shop but he couldnt help me with the PC side of it.

Ideally I would love HDMI to work because I think its easier and better quality when it works but why wont it work with my 3 monitors spanned!!!! mad.gif

Any help will be +REP I'm banging my head against the wall!!!

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I bought a Gigabyte GTX 660 Windforce and made sure it had a HDMI port.

I slotted the GTX 660 into the last spare PCIe slot on my x79 Extreme11 motherboard. Just below the 3 titans in 3-way SLI.

For the moment I have the 660 set as dedicated Physx and my HDMI audio. I dont know how the Physx will go, but Im a very happy boy with the HDMI 5.1 audio now working PERFECT!!!

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To test 5.1 is working for you.

Here is a link to a true 5.1 surround video test tool download page.


Here is the direct download link for the test tool.

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