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Originally Posted by AndroidVageta View Post

And what's sad about this is that the gaming PC's that look better than PS4/X1 aren't even like super duper high end! Like I said in OP my PC is 2+ years old (depending on component) and even STILL I can absolutely CRUSH consoles.

Not that this is PC vs. Consoles...but still...shouldn't the consoles be PUSHING next-gen technology because, ya know, they're NEXT-GEN? Instead what we get are mid-range at best and low-range at worse PC's in a box.

Give a year or so and even APU's will crush the consoles in power. Heck, you could take the APU in the PS4/X1 and make that a desktop chip ALREADY.
Originally Posted by Stealth Pyros View Post

QFT, and that's where it reaches a point that it's pretty pathetic. At least the 360/PS3 had a glorious few months to shine above PC-tier performance/visuals. PS4/X1 already look terrible compared to the same game running on PC at even just 1080p with no anti-aliasing.

That's just it... they can't build a console system like that this time around(and probably not again). The money just ain't there. Plus, 1080p is their target because the next jump in the lowest common denominator/corporate entertainment world is going to be 4K, and those are alreay looking like they will be slow to catch on.

The worst part is that this will freeze PC gaming at DX11.2 like the 360 froze it at 9.0c.
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The conventional rules don't apply to consoles. The consoles are not behind anything because hardware is not the main or even an important selling point of a console. They'll be all right, chugging along at their normal pace until the end of the predicted life-span. It's a proven formula that works.
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