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Bitfenix Prodigy Orange

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Hey guys!

Recently I've finally bought this awesome case and just finished building my new system around it.

Decided to go for the orange version since I've already had some hardware like Alpenfohn fans in that color so figured out these would be a great match to orange Prodigy.

Anyway, here are the pictures; at first I started building it outside but made some changes at home so you'll see some outside and inside pictures.

Enjoy & let me know what you guys think!

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Here are the specs:

Case... Bitfenix Prodigy Orange
Fans... Front (intake): Alpenfohn WingBoost 140mm PWM (300-1100rpm) || Top (exhaust): Alpenfohn WingBoost 120mm PWM (500-1500rpm) || Back (intake): Alpenfohn WingBoost 120mm PWM (500-1500rpm)
PSU... Seasonic S12II 620W (cut some not needed cables out so I get a bit cleaner look)
MBO... ECS H67H2-I (v1.1)
CPU... Intel Core i5-2500K @3.30GHz
Cooler... Scythe Samurai ZZ
RAM... Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz
SSD... Samsung SSD 830 Series 128GB
HDD... Samsung Spinpoint F4 2TB 5400rpm 32MB cache
ODD... Sony Optiarc AD-7280S
VGA... MSI GeForce GTX 560Ti Hawk 1GB

Display... Samsung LED 23" IPS


So far, I'm very happy with the performance and cooling but would like to upgrade it to something like ASRock Z77E-ITX + Corsair H90 in the future for some OC fun.

Also, I was thinking about replacing the front intake fan with Bitfenix Spectre Pro 230mm but not sure how much of a difference would that replacement make since with the current setup I'm getting fresh air on RAM/CPU plus the Alpenfohn fan is almost inaudible even at 1100rpm since it's so well build and it generates low-frequency whoosh. According to specs, 230mm fan moves alot more air (obviously) but as I've said - I'm already getting nice airflow inside so if I'll gain only like 1-2 celsius less but with noticably more noise then I don't think it's just worth replacing it. What you guys think?

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me smile.gif
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