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Hi, I recently ordered the LG 22EA63VP IPS Monitor. It was described on various websites as having an AH-IPS panel.
There is also a version called the LG __EA63V, which has no mention of it being AH-IPS panel, in 22 and 23 inch versions.
The P on the end of the manuf. code appeared to indicate that it was AH-IPS.

I decided to look a little more into this, and rang up the supplier. They told me that both versions are the same and that there was no obvious difference in panel (was confused by some of the wording on their website). Both versions were priced at exactly the same, and I was told this was because there were more of the 23" versions in the country.

If this is the case, I would consider switching my 22 for a 23. Can anyone shed any more light on this? After reading a thread on here I decided that AH-IPS would be what I needed., but would like to know more as quite clearly I do not know enough!

Many thanks.