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While I admit that I wasn't aware of the specifics as to why the RAM comes in at 1333, I knew that I had to set the XMP to do get it to 1866. Without knowing the specifics as to why it does that (thank you for the information, by the way), the question can be a valid one.
I'm aware that it's designed for experienced users, and while I am not an experienced user (especially on overclocking), I am on my way to the experienced user level and always on the hunt for more knowledge. As John Dewey said: "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

My comment about the trust fund kids was more aimed at those people who buy top end equipment for the sake of claiming that they have it, not for what it can do.



Any and all education is fantastic, knowledge is power as they say. Most would assume, having all the expensive, you-beaut gear in your rig as you do, you would have known those things, but its understandable if you don't. I just thought you might have been being slightly pretentious.


Having all the best gear is indeed helpful in ones quest for education, especially if your interested in overclocking. The M6E is def the best for it :-). I myself have an M6E because I have finally gained enough knowledge in overclocking and feel confident enough to have a crack at LN2, once I get the parts together and some spare time. I have just bought myself an Aerocool Strike X Air case to mod and build an open air test bench.


Have you checked out the ASUS North America videos on YouTube? They are really good for a bit of ed.


If you haven't already had a look you should check out