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I plan to mount a H100i or H110 in my zalman z9 case soon. I am going to have to install this radiator on the top of the case where the 2 120mm/140mm fan mounts are. I am following this plan from another person I have seen to do this.

To make the H110 work, I would have to use 120mm-140mm bgears fan spacers on the 120mm mounting holes due to the fact the plastic top of the case covers the 140mm fan mounting holes. The 140mm hole spacing is right at 20mm.

My question is this though, would I just be better off fitting in the h100i or with the "air flow reducing" adapters mount the h110? Or would those fan adapters not have that much affect on airflow?

This image is of a H100 mounted in the top of a Zalman Z9 for reference.