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I have a dedicated GPU (GTX 660 ti), an integrated GPU (Intel HD Graphics in 3770k), 3 monitors, and windows 8. I connected monitor #1 (the "main display") and #2 to the dGPU, and #3 to the iGPU (iGPU enabled in bios, of course), thinking that it would take some load off of dGPU when gaming on monitor #1 while watching movies on #3, since iGPU will be running monitor #3.

I noticed something strange though. When I run Heaven benchmark (not full screen) on monitor #3, GPU-z tells me that the load on iGPU is at 10%, where as the dGPU's load is at 97%. When I change the "main display" to monitor #3, iGPU's load goes up to 100% no matter which monitor the benchmark is running on, and dGPU's load is <2%.

I think I read somewhere that in Windows 8, the GPU that runs the "main display" is used for hardware accelerated graphics on any monitors. Is this true? If so, is it possible to tell the GPUs to only do work on the monitors that are connected to them? Also, will it be the same case when you had two non-sli dGPUs, each connected to a monitor?

PS. I know there is VirtuMVP, but I think it's to assign GPUs to specific programs, not to specific monitors.