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HP Pavillion 27xi

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I am in the market for a new 27 inch display and I am looking at the HP Pavillion 27xi. I know it's only 1080P, but that's what I am in the market for. I don't need a higher res monitor atm.

Can anyone give me some feedback as to the colors? Are they accurate? This is an IPS monitor with a glossy coating. It has a great viewing angle (not a selling point for me, but a definite plus).

Anyone have any experience with this monitor?
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Well, I'm going to reply to my own thread and give my personal experience on this monitor.

First, the colors are fantastic. They are right up there with the Dell 2740L that I recently purchased (and had to return because of the yellow tint on the left half of the screen). There is a small amount of backlight bleeding or IPS glow on the lower left corner that is hardly noticeable. There also seems to be very very minor shadowing that starts in both of the lower corners and branch out as they go upwards towards the top of the screen. You really can't tell unless you're looking for them. These minor flaws might be the particular panel I purchased, but I would hardly call them flaws. I'm just very picky now considering what's available these days.

It has a glossy screen as well, but it's not nearly as glossy as the Dell 2740L. That screen is UBER glossy and was rather annoying at times in darker scenes.

The colors really pop on this thing. I don't play any FPS games, so I cannot give any feedback as to shadowing or input lag, or response times. I normally play WoW or D3 or some other indie games like Terraria/Minecraft. All of these games look amazing with this monitor.

I used a Spyder3 with BasICColor Display 5 to calibrate the display.

There was a slight greenish tint even after calibrating and the greens were just a tad too much even at default settings. I had to use the custom RGB setting to lower the green just a hair to get it to calibrate correctly. After calibration it looked even better.

As for the stand, I can't say much about it, really. It only comes with a tilt feature and that's it. No height adjustment and no portrait mode, unfortunately.

The on-screen display is one of the best I have ever seen with any monitor. It lets you choose from a myriad of different settings. It even let's you set the colors from 5000K, 6500K and 9300K. If that's not satisfactory, you can set custom colors with the RGB sliders for even more control. It also comes with a sharpness control and a Video OverDrive control. One reviewer stated that they saw no difference with this setting. You can also turn off Dynamic Contrast if you wish. There is also a setting called QuickView which allows different color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness presets. Either "Custom" or "Text" seemed to worked best.

Bottom line, if you can live with some very very minor imperfections in the backlight or IPS glow and the very slight shadowing on the sides, this is an excellent monitor. The colors are outstanding once calibrated and the screen is just the right amount of glossy.

Hope this was helpful to others.
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Semus can you please share your calibrated settings?
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