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I've seen someone with that board post in another thread, and it apparently can control both 3-pin and 4-pin fans, at least according to how that person interpreted its manual. You should be fine.

About how to get the fans to do what you want, I'm personally using SpeedFan, but don't really feel I can recommend it. The program is pretty annoying to learn how to use.

You should see if there's some fan control software coming with your motherboard that does enough of what you want. I've seen people say the new EasyTune software on Z87 from Gigabyte is good, and it does have something to control fans.


I took a look at the manual. I think you will be able to control three fans, both 4-pin and 3-pin. SYS_FAN4 can only do constant 12V the way I see it, so it's not good for control. There's a second CPU fan header which you can maybe use for one fan.
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^ It seems all 8 serie mobo from Gigabyte come with Smartfan 2.
Anyway i have no idea how well this software or the fans i will have will work.

I know that i will have 200mmx2 and 120m cooler master fans, and a Noctura 140mm fan.
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