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Hi There!

I am new here. I just wanted some feed back on the Antec 300 Two case. I have already got the standard Antec 300 case which I love. I have had the case since it first came out. I am looking to replace my case with the Antec 300 Two because of the cable management improvements. However I want to add water cooling at a later date especially for my 4 yr old XFX 5770 as recently I had to clean out the cooler after noticing higher temps than normal.

I originally built my PC to used as a HTPC that can also do light gaming such as BF2-3 and my favourite Skyrim.. I also recently had to change parts due to wear and tear. My main concern is cable management I already had to modify the motherboard tray to hide the psu cables


This is my current system. I tried my best to keep it tidy. It isn't the most powerful PC like most peoples and eventually will be upgrading the motherboard and processor. Its ideal for HD movies which I mainly use it for. The specs are:

Coolermaser V8 cooler
8Gb Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600
XFX Radeon 5770
OCZ ZS 650 watt PSU
Antec 300
Liteon Blueray
3x Coolermaster 120mm case fan Blue LED
1x coolermaster 140m case fan Blue LED
1x LCD temp and fan controller
1x Panasonic viera 1080p 28" Tv
1x LG Flatron W1943SB monitor
Windows 7 Ultimate.