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acer netbook led mods

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started a new project a few days ago. its a acer aspire one netbook. going to add some sm led's to the case. was wondering where to take the power from that would not affect performance.
i have done this sort of thing with tower pc's and game consoles but never a laptop style computer. i know where i'm going to put the led's at on the inside and the outside. so any suggestions where to connect the wires and resistor to have them power on only when the acer is turned on?
thank's for any help!!!
i hope this is the right thread.
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you should be able to pull the power from the webcam. the webcam uses the USB standard, and the wire is run right behind the screen, so it will be easy to get to. (usb uses 5v, so make sure you get the right type of LEDs, not 12v)
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ok thank you for the response. ill be using that for the top case leds. now is there a spot on the mobo that i could solder to for the bottom leds? i know ill have to add a resistor in there. i plan on using 5050 surface mount leds because the space is limited. i kinda dont want to connect them to the speakers. dont want the flash to the music thing.
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why not run them off the webcam as well? the wires run all the way down to the board tongue.gif

if you are using surface mounts, where are you putting them? you could see possibly about buying a 5m roll of 5050 leds (or smaller) on ebay for around $15-$20 which include a resistor on each group of 3, and can be split every 3 as well
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ok here's my plan. on the bottom front of the net book just under the lip im going to place two small sets of three smled's for some thing of an under glow effect. they came from a pair of ear buds that would flash to the music. would using the web cam's power for both the lid led mod and the bottom case led's affect the web cam's performance? because i do use it some times for video chatting.
ill take some pic's and post them to show my idea for it as soon as i can.
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these are the led's and face covers . that is the placement of the clear covers im am going to use.
starting the build. ill post some pics now and then.
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idk. im no electrician, but i would think you'd be safe to pull power with up to 15 LEDs on the webcam power
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Ok ill be using a little less than 15 led's. im off to the work shop to cut, measure, wire and solder. pics when i can. thanks for the info.
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well first let me correct myself. the pics of the LEDs are not 5050 smLEDs the are 0603 LEDs. so my bad.
ok i did go with just 2 5050 LEDs. did a cut out on the lid. one above the brand name and one below.
i kinda like to use things i have around. so i used the windows from a old VCR tape. a little cut and trim. fits nice
posting pics as soon as i take them.
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nice! in 4 pics!
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