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Hello I am expericeing grahpical glitches some games I tried like dayz farcry3 saints row 4 out of 10 games. I heard people are expericeing the same grahpical glitch on dayz but not sure on far cry 3 when I first start the mission there's a black square flickering on top right of my screen and saints row 4 after the first mission I was expericeing grahpical stretches and can't see the map. I just recently bought my grahpics card like 2 weeks ago. I am using the latest amd catalyst. Could it be because of the latest catalyst. I am scaryed if my grahpics card is broken and spent 300$ on it. Is there way I can't capture a picture or something. Also when I relaunch the game it fixes the probelm

Btw I overclocked and then set my card back to default. When I tried these games where all stock core

Here some pics I found on google that I expericece
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