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  • What happened?
    I was refered to this forum by my friend who can't reset his password so I decided to join because I am into computing too. But first, I promised to help him get this solved so here it is. Sorry if it's the wrong section, but I am new here. Basically, he can't login for some odd reason so he tried to reset his password. But the problem is, he doesn't seem to be able to receive emails from here, evident by the fact that every attempt to reset the password the password reset email doesn't arrive. he sent a message via the Contact Us one month ago and hasn't received a reply which leads us to think his gmail hates the emails from this forum.

    What he wants is a password reset link sent to his email but from a non ocn email to see if that is the issue. His username is Cores.
  • Are you able to reproduce this problem consistently?

    Not me, but it happened every time for him.
  • What steps did you take to reproduce this problem?

    Tried resetting password multiple times.
  • What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared?

    It should have sent the email but there's a problem with it being received.
  • Any additional information that will help us diagnose the issue:

  • Browser, active browser addons, and operating system:

    Chrome and Windows 7, both of us
  • URL where the issue occurs: