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I can totally agree with this. I played an older FPS PC game, that I never played before, not long ago and I could totally feel that it was a PC game, made for PC and performed like a PC game, despite that it was horribly buggy and kind of crappy. Alone the fact that it felt so much like a PC game (having this certain lightness and smoothness to it) is what gave me quite the satisfaction to play it, even if it was a crappy game.

The console ports always feel so off, even if I can change FOV and such, they still feel so wrong. I saw the videos of Titanfall lately and everybody was so excited, but I was just reserved, because even if the game looks awesome, I already know how annoying it will feel to play it on PC.

This issue is what really kills all the excitement for (console port) FPS games these days.

Another excellent example is Splinter Cell Blacklist. I tried it and hate the gameplay and controls. Installed Splinter Cell Chaos Theory right after that (which ironically is a console port, but from a different time), the PC controls just make sense. You can use the crouch key to go back in menus fast and use the crouch (down) button to let yourself fall down when you climb on things or hang from pipes.
In Blacklist you use the cover system key to fall down, which just makes no sense, since crouching DOWN makes sense to operate the falling DOWN function. There is logic and ease of use associated with it. The new console ports have erratic controls, too many keys/buttons to do the same things you could do on PC with less and with more logic behind the layout. This is not fun anymore.