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corsair h60 stopped

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I have a h60 that stopped working , what does corsair need for rma, do I need to send the whole thing back and how long does it take to receive the new one?

do you think they will give me the newer style or replace it with the same older style?
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I'm sending my H100 tomorrow, you have to go here and create/login to your account and then find the RMA link.

All the info is there.
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did that already, just wanted to know from others who has done this.
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I went through the RMA process for an H80 and they replaced mine with an H80i. I did have to pay to have it shipped to Corsair. I'd say the entire process took about 3-4 weeks.
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thanks kimo
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It's not cost effective for them to try to fix a broken watercooler so they'd rather send you a replacement. Assuming it broke due to a faulty component, you should get the most current style. Unless they have lots of the old H60 in inventory.
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for the cost of shipping it would be nice to get the updated version.
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