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3770k O/C with Win8

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Hey all,

I'm having probs with trying to get my 3770k past 4.3GHz. I am needing to push >1.3v to try and get 4.4GHz but the temps go too high under Prime95 testing to achieve this safely.

I have a H100 cooler and all the hardware is working correctly. I've followed the Ivybridge overclocking tut by Swag to the letter and I'm struggling to get any more out of my chip. I could delid to sort out the temp issues but that still may not decrease my overall Vcore and mean that I'm just balancing one thing to remedy an inherent problem elsewhere.

I'm quite happy to accept that I've just got a bad chip from the 'silicone lottery' but I have just one question to ask. Do you think it may be because I'm running Win8 that could be a causal factor in the Vcore being needed to be pushed to this degree? Would a Win7 install be beneficial?

I would be interested to hear of anyone's experience in this before I start reinstalling windows to check.

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Win8 vs. Win7 will have no effect on overclocking.
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