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Hi HeDsh0t

So you are a musician...wink.gif

No you won't need a graphics card (gfx).

What DzillaXx is recommending is the Sound Blaster Z made by Creative Labs (it's a sound card you will install on your motherboard - and if you do get it, you will need to disable the one integrated on your motherboard). Look here:

I haven't used one personally, but I agree with DzillaXx about the card capabilities, plus he sounds better fit for this type of tech/topic than I am redface.gif. That being said, I know Creative Labs has had a great track record in making sound cards, they have been in business for a long, long time, so you will be buying a great sound card

OOps, I meant Sound Card, not gfx card haha. I game a lot, and everytime I have posted something about a card it has been about a gfx card xD