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I currently have a 670 EVGA SC and will prolly wait for the 800 series and see what that will bring.

Atm I can get a few different brand stock 670's for 220 euros, I was wondering. Would you think these prices drop even more or would they be taken off the market before that happens ? Not really sure how quickly cards are taken off the shelves and when production of new cards usually stops.

Can prolly OC the stock 670 to the EVGA 670 SC levels and have a great SLI setup.

Ill get a 2nd 670 no matter what but the thing is I can wait, but would waiting be a bad thing in this situation ? Stock cheap 670 cards could go out of stock or prices settle higher then they do now ? Or they might drop even further.

Any1 got any experience or knowledge on "old" series cards with pricing, production and store stock ?