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Need help finding a Constellation

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In the past I used quantum, then Maxtor when they acquired Quantum. Never had a problem with Quantum. I remember finding out which new drives by maxtor were the closest successor to the quantum fireballs, and I loved them. Again, zero problems. Then a friend was like "Oh you should try WD, Maxtor sucks and they fail all the time!", I tried a WD and it died a week after the warranty ran out I also tried a couple raptors on Raid 0 but noticed no improvement and that sucked cause those were expensive. mad.gif So I've been avoiding WD's. Then I found out Maxtor was acquired by Seagate and heard a lot of good stuff about them and their Barracuda drives years back. So I we used a few barracudas spread over different systems and they were all great. Once gain, zero problems.

Well times are changing, files are getting bigger and its time to move to some 1T drives. It was inevitable. The problem now is Seagate has been cutting corners with their more recent Barracuda drives, and that's a shame. But I've been reading around different sites, and have found that some of the Constellation drives are really good IF YOU KNOW which ones to buy, as customers are having problems which certain models of this generation and the past two generations of their Constellation drives. Does anyone know which Constellation drives are good and which ones I should avoid? I'm trying to read up on this but its turning out to be an information overload, with too many stupid reviewers who think that just because they got a bad drive that ALL drives of that model are bad or they go on a Seagate hate rant over one bad drive that was covered by warranty. Maybe if they actually backed up their porn, they wouldn't be so angry. tongue.gif

So Anyone know anything about these Constellation drives? Which are good, which to stay away from, etc? I'm looking at the 1T 128 and 64mb cache drives, which seem to range between $110 to $150. I could really used some help here, I'm popping advil like Tic Tacs from the headache all these reviews are giving me.
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At my work, we use these drives (constellation 128mb cache SATA III) which i picked out due to their Raid Enabled-ness. but they are very good. the server which i chose these drives for is a dell poweredge t410 which is running Windows Server 2008 Std. with 3 1tb drives in a RAID5 configuration.

they seem very fast, the server boots quick, any reads from this server on the network are very fast, and we have yet to have any issues.

I don't think you will be disappointed by this drive, and I am almost tempted to buy one for my sig computer due to the large cache and wanting to use it for VMs
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Cool. How's the noise when they're writing? That "click chck click click ktchk chk" noise, in a quiet room made by a drive that does it louder than most other drives, can bother me a lot. I have hearing damage so sudden little noises like that can drive me nutty. frown.gif But only when its quiet and I'm trying to work. If I'm watch TV, videos, movies, online anime, or playing a game, I don't really notice it. But when I'm brainstorming ideas... wow that can a pain.

Also this is going to be just a singular storage drive. I'll probably buy a second one for backing up stuff.
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I'm not sure. it is in a server, in a server room. it is very loud in there with all the jet engine style fans in servers lol
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