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I wanted to start a thread where people could possibly post their BasICColor 5 calibration and Nvidia "Digital Vibrance" settings.

There might be a thread already on calibration settings, but I searched and could not find much. Also, people tend to use very different Nvidia DV settings and was wondering how everyone felt about this particular setting, or if you even use it.

I'll start by giving my own personal settings for my BasICColor 5 calibration for the Crossover 27Q.

I start off by using the "Custom" button and go from there.

Under advanced settings I choose:

Presets: I leave this alone
Color Temp: I usually choose "Other" and type in 6500
Tonal Response Curve: I use L* (Recommended)
Luminance / Contrast Ratio: I use "White luminance = Max" / "Black Luminance = Min. Neutral"
Profile: Default - I leave this alone

I don't mess with Hardware setup or anything else. That's it for my settings. Unfortunately, it appears that my settings come out very "warm" or red-ish in tint. In another thread, there was someone that posted a 6500K profile that came out very blueish. I'm not sure how that happened, but I prefer my own profiles.

As for my Nvidia DV settings, I usually use around 65% or maybe a tad more than that. Keep in mind that when I calibrate my monitor I set DV to 50% (neutral). Then I pump it up a tad just to get some more pop out of the colors.

Anyone else care to share their own settings or comment on mine? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

Here is an image of the calibration window after it's done...