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[Official] The 4K UHD TV & Monitor Thread!

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The Official 4K TV & Monitor Thread

Official Owners

To be added to the 4K TV & Monitor Owners List -
Please provide a picture of your setup with your OCN username and send me a notification PM.

I've started the 4K UHD TV & Monitor Thread to allow fellow OCN members interested in 4K UHD to share their view and experiences with 4k. I would like to raise awareness about what to look for in a 4k TV / Monitor and help people decide what best suits them. Because lets be honest they are not the cheapest item to buy for your home.

Samsung and Sony make 4k TV's more affordable.

There's Officially a 50-Inche TV that's cheaper than your TV.

Panasonic release 4K TV with HDMI 2.0 & DP1.2a

So with a brief Google search "4k TV" Headlines like the ones above were popping up all over the internet. I thought yes 4K has finally arrived for the consumer! They are still not cheap like your 55" lcd/plasma TVs but as they all start to flood the market the prices will drop.
The one stumbling block is we are still waiting for availability of 4k content to announce its self with a agreed on delivery standard and system. We are truly in the infant stage here but companies are sorting this out and processes will be in place. Sony in the past helped Blu-ray become mainstream by using it in there PlayStation 3 and once again Sony are at it have developed the 4K Ultra HD Player with pre-loaded movies and the ability to download/stream movies, just be prepared to select the movie you want a day in advance because it will take that long to receive it depending on your internet bandwidth. I also expect the Sony PlayStation 4 to come into play and provide this service too. Also not to be forgotten is Netflix they will provide a 4k streaming service. So as it stands if you want native 4K content you will have to download it. There is no 4k DISC or Player! So to those out there with a Video rental shop I would sell it now.
I don't know about you but I would say we are clearly in the second generation of 4K TV's already. I would define 1st generation as a tv with a the ability to do 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30p and 4096 x 2160 pixels at 24p due to the limitations of HDMI 1.4. I think for movies its bearable but for sport or anything fast motion you need the extra bandwidth that HDMI 2.0 and DP1.2 provides. its where images become fluid and motion blur decreases. If you look at all the exhibitions the TV companies produced in the last 2 years for there 4k product lines they all had the same theme - Still photos and slow moving images and video. If they wanted they could have put some 4k sports on it and let it roll but they know it would have caught them out and ousted the limitations of their product. If you are genuinely looking to get a 4K TV choose one with the following connections HDMI 2.0 or Display Port 1.2 or even better with both. I think eventually the ultimate 4K TV will be a OLED 4K TV but this wont be cheap anytime in the next 5 years and they say the average living room TV is made to last 4 years by the manufacturers.

4k Monitor wise you need 60hz for gaming. You could get away with 30hz for general web browsing and work related use but that's all. With 4k and computers we are limited with the graphics cards. A multiple GPU setup like a crossfired 7970's or dual GTX 780 or even better GTX Titans is what you will need to game at a decent frames per second in any new age game. I'm a little light on here for knowledge but Im sure other members that love the numbers and benchmarking can chime in here will be able to provide help here.

Anyways I will update this thread regularly with any important updates and when things become clearer I will state only facts in this first post. Also I will look to punch out a definitive unbiased buyers guide.

Please feel free to share your setup and any news you find and most importantly your opinion!


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Some new 4k tvs coming soon



During the same event, Sony also announced that its new 4K Video Unlimited service is now live, with 70 4K movies and TV shows available for rent and purchase. To access them, viewers must use Sony’s FMP-X1 ($500 with the purchase of a Sony 4K TV, $700 without) and download the movies at about 40 GB each.
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The Philips 9000 Series is Philips' first foray into Ultra High Definition television, unveiled at technology show IFA 2013 in Berlin. Philips also announced a four-sided Ambilight TVAmbilight TV, called Elevation.
Philips also revealed a four-sided Ambilight television, called Elevation. Ambilight involves rows of small lights ringing the rear of the TV, casting a soft glow against the wall that complements the colours appearing on screen. The idea is to reduce the stark contrast between the vibrant colours onscreen and the dinginess of your wallpaper, drawing you into your film or TV show. Elevation is the first to bathe all four sides of the TV in an Ambilight glow.

Man that looks cool!!!
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Can we renew this or create a new 4K / 5K / UHD / Retina thread so that people can compare/ review and research the next gen screens/ monitors/ TV-sets for computing?
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