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I ordered my Cooler Master 240L Prestige last week and finally received it on Tuesday. There were a few kinks I didn't work out until tonight.

Installation was straight forward. There are a few tips that Cooler Master doesn't include in the manual:

1. Hold on to the pop-in motherboard insert while you turn the threaded rod or the rod won't actually tighten.

2. Make sure the gasket doesn't fall into the radiator while you tighten the screw connecting the fan, gasket, and radiator. It tends to happen even if you don't touch the gasket with the gasket. This means you must place the fan right on top of the gasket and slide it around; place it correctly first time. If the gasket falls in a little and you hear a thumping sound during use, then that means a fin is hitting the gasket.

3. If a fan fails to rotate during power on, then the gasket is blocking the fan's path.

4. Judge for yourself: 7V pump feed does not sound too much louder than a 5V feed. I changed to 5V after about 3 hours, when I was finally able to notice a difference.

CPU: i5 4670K
Case: AZZA Genesis 9000 /with stock case fans
PSU: Corsair CX 500 Watt

OLD CPU cooler: Cooler Master Hyper T4
I didn't take screen shots of IDLE or LOAD temperatures with the T4. I do remember idle temps were between 33C and 37C.

I haven't screenshot my results yet but @stock clockspeed w/Eisberg 240L [[[[[[[ [B]Will Be Updated[/B] ]]]]]]]]]
IDLE Temps: CORE0= 28C
CORE1= 28C
CORE2= 27C
CORE3= 29C

LOAD Temps: CORE0= 48C
CORE1= 48C
CORE2= 46C
CORE3= 47C