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Possible reason and important info

Let me explain what probably caused this: First off, I have my Users folders all on a secondary HDD while my OS is on a SSD. One day after removing an extra hard drive I don't need, I forgot to plug my regular data drive (drive E, the one with users folders) back in before booting up. System couldn't log me in cuz it had no access to user files. After a gruelling 2 hours I managed to restore my system by using an old SSD with an OS (which incidentally uses the same users folder on E drive, but this one worked) on it to modify the registry hives of my primary drive. However, to do it I had to create a temporary admin account while doing it.

When all was said and done, I logged into the old OS and removed the "Temp" admin account and also removed the temp admin account I had created on my primary drive (this second temp acct was to move my user file back to E drive where it belongs). Both times it said : Cannot remove an account that is logged in. However, neither time was the account logged in on the active OS and both times it disappeared from the registry, the account list, and cannot be logged into.

The Actual Problem:

Every time I load up my computer or go into lock screen, the Switch User button is visible. When clicked, it shows only "Other User..." and once clicked it wants me to TYPE IN a username and password. This allows me to (unsuccessfully) try to log into the inactive root Admin account and before I'd deleted my Temp admin accounts allowed me to loginto that as well.

It's also worth mentioning that both Temp accounts had at one point utilized the same folder on E:/Users/Temp. That folder since has deleted itself. Both OSes have separate registries because they are on different drives.

Edit: After doing even some more google searching right after posting this, I finally stumbled on a fix. For anyone who comes across this and needs a fix, here's what I found: Click
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