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Cool! I was worried it will blow to the gpu. Also, my case is cx-8058, I don't know where I can put a fan on the back..
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This is your case?
Pixxo CX-8058 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

It looks like you could install a fan in the front behind the round vent. Another option would be to use the 3x empty 5.25 optical bays for an intake fan... or use both for intakes.




With 1 front intake your case will cool okay with fan at full speed.
With 2 front intakes your case will cool very good with fans at lower speed.

With 2 front intakes you will not need exhaust fans.
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**** it... The owner of the cooler just said he sold it, whilst we had a deal... That ****er.. (sorry for the language) My other option was Blizzard T2 by CoolerMaster, but its really loud... I guess I will gather money for a new CPU..

Edit: How is http://www.coolermaster.com/product/Detail/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-tx3.html compared to this one?
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It's not as good but would work for you. Much depends on prices in your area. Will it mount in traditional direction? Fan blowing from front to back?

Here True Spirit 120M is one of the best low priced coolers and will fit in most cases. 82x132x145mm (DxWxH)

If you have room True Spirit 140 is very good and low priced too. 78.4x155x170.2mm

Compared to Hyper TX3 75x90x154mm

Here are price examples
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I have about 15 pounds maximum to spend. The Freezer 13 pro was second hand but brand new. 1 week used + paste wasnt used, it was freaking awesome deal..

I live in Bulgaria, so 15 pounds is 35 BGN and thats my budget.
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Sorry, missed your posting.

Maybe we should look at improving the airflow in you case so everything runs cooler? When was the last time you cleaned your system?.. the cooler fins and fan blades?

Is there a link to Bulgarian website I can look at to see what is available?
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1 pound = 2.32 BGN/Leva

Also, the PC has never been cleaned by myself, since I dont have a leaf blower or something that blows air. I also cant replace the thermal compound, so I can't unmount the cpu cooler to clean it.
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