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Overclocking Help/Explanation (FX-6300)

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The past couple of days I've been playing around with overclocking my 6300. Following the bulldozer overclocking guide, I've managed to get an O.C. of 4.5Ghz with just bumping the multiplier and upping the vcore to what the bios says 1.41v. I've stress test for 30 mins on prime95 and OCCT with no errors so far. The quide says to start fine tuning the O.C., but I'm not sure where to start or really what numbers I am looking for with the NB,HT, and FSB. I know I'm trying to match the 4.5 O.C. with a lower multiplier and bumping up the SB, but how does that translate to what to do with the NB,HT, and DRam?

FX-6300 @4.5Ghz 1.41V
Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 rev3
XMS3 16GB with timing 11,11,11,30, t2 @ 1600Mhz
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I wouldnt mess with the CPU/NB or HT Link speed just yet. They dont yield that big an improvement anyway. Id just concentrate on getting the base clock as high as it can go. 4.5 is very solid but you could probably squeeze out another 100 MHz or more out of it. Id stick with OCCT for stress testing. Run it for 10 minutes and if it passes, up the clock a tick and try again. If it crashes, add some voltage. When you think youve got it maxed out, run OCCT for around 4-6 hours. If it passes that, try 10 runs of Intel Burn Test just for good measure and if you pass that, Id call it a stable overclock.
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My comp has been giving me some hiccups in the stability tests. Seems fine in Windows and games, but it fails after a few hours of amd stability test. My razer synapse keeps crashing at start up if I wiggle the mouse profusely, sometimes.

I was set at 4.4ghz @ 1.325v and 1.3v on cpu/nb on 2600 mhz llc enabled. Core c6 disabled. HTC enabled. (I'm not entirely sure on what this function does)

Where am I going wrong? I've upped the voltage to 1.365 and still crashed after 2 hours. Does it mean the voltage is still too low or should I look elsewhere?
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