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Anyone get any information on this board? Seems to have been announced a few months back, but I've not seen anything on it for awhile.
I'm rebuilding my computer, and I was planning to throw the old components in my server (currently on unRaid but planning on moving it to Windows for more functionality).
Until I saw this motherboard that is.

I currently have 6 HDDs, within a year I imagine this will double. I'd need an extra port for the boot drive, and a blu ray drive too. I imagine more will be needed eventually too.

My current motherboard is a Maximus VI Extreme, a good board, but with only 8 sata ports, I would need a SAS card, maybe a few, which will eventually turn out to be likely expensive.

Then I saw this God of a motherboard and I'm considering selling the Maximus board I have along with the processor and just going for Haswell.

But yeah, anyone got any information on it?