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CPU running hot after Format

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Hey guys!

I definitly need your help..

A few months ago i built my own pc for the first time, not sure if you can see the specs in my signature so ill write them at the end of this post. I OC'd my 3570K to 4,5gh (also first time), oddly enough eveything went fine for months ! im a gamer so i really tested it.. for hours everyday for months and everything was fine, no crashes, low temps.

Then i decided to buy a SSD, i reseted the settings in the BIOS (figured id load my 4,5gh settings once it was up and running), installed Windows on the new drive, formatted the others to use em as storage, installed everything (drivers/ other misc. programs). I was quite happy with my new pc, everything was so much quicker ! Then i installed Anomaly 2.. thats where the problem came lol (really dont think it has anything to do with the game tho).

I played for like 20 minutes then the pc froze, BSOD'd and rebooted.. I started wondering what the problem was so i went in the event viewer and saw a critical error, Kernel- Power ID 41 task 63. I suspected the GPU since it happened during gameplay so i downloaded and tried Furmark, did the test and everything seemed OK exept for FPS but thats another story.. So then i Googled the kernel error and ppl seemed to suspected the PSU, and suggested trying OCCT to stress the GPU and CPU. BEEP BEEP BEEP temps went crazy !!

At Idle temps are around 23-32 degrees, when i stress the GPU using Furmark they go up in the mid 50's (like in intense gameplay while playing Tomb Raider or Bioshock Infinite before i switched to SSD)

As soon as the CPU stressing kicks in using OCCT (tried Prime too) temps skyrocket to 85+... i didnt even get those temps when it was overclocked to 4,5Gh

Any ideas why im getting crazy temps now and random BSOD while playing not ressource hungry games?!

Usualy my pc runs 24/7, but i stopped it for like 3 days twice in a month cuz i was out of town, could the thermal paste have gone bad ?!
Is my CPU broken?!

Im gonna restore the settings to what they were before i switched to SSD i guess and see what i get.

Thanks for reading and any help will be apreciated!

Case: Fractal R4 define Black Pearl
MotherBoard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
CPU: I5 3570K
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti SSC
CPU Fan: NZXT Havic 140
PSU: Corsair TX750M
Memory: 4x 2Gb RipJaw
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Mmmmmk. So i loaded up my BIOS profile to what it was before all that crap.. at 4.5Gh 1.3V after 10 minutes of prime, max temp is 72ish degrees, so pretty much what i had before.

Any idea why i get such high temp at DEFAULT versus "normal" temps while OC'd at 4,5Gh ?!?!

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