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Main requirement are RELIABILITY & STABILITY

Will be running Crossfire and have an ASUS Xonar Essence STX card that I would like to use for sound. It uses a pci-e express slot and would like to have the pci-e x1 available ie. not blocked off by the 2 GPU cards .

Basically I want a reliable motherboard, one that is truly plug and play instead of plug and debug...update BIOS ...scratch head.....try again...unplug all USB devices etc etc . Pretty much what happened with the Gigabytes boards that I have had recently. I do not want to do the Motherboards manufacturers R&D .

Of course cheap is good but would rather pay more for reliability and stability. Actually I have found previously that Rev2 motherboards have a few bugs ironed out and newer more stable BIOS. But that was a while ago so it may not apply.

Overclocking would be only mild, PC will be 50% gaming, some graphic work and other junk.

One thing I like about the Gigabyte mobos I have are the LED error codes that display on the motherboard...... comes in quite handy, better then beeps.

What I will have in it will be a few SSD's and one 2gb Hard drive for storage, 2 x 7970 GPU's and either a Intel Core i7 4770K or Intel Core i5 4670K. Will be Win7 64 bit ( maybe win8 ) .

Also would like 16gb memory....... might even go 32gig so any memory recommendations would be nice as well.

Now to go and read all the other threads to see if I can see something that may help..........