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In the last few days I decided to try the Windows 8.1 preview. I haven't really noticed many differences between it and 8 but that is probably due to the fact that I use StartIsBack. I have however noticed that my power management settings keep being reset after every reboot. I had read in a previous thread that ASUS AI Suite was the culprit for that user but that thread also was from 2 years ago. I would think that ASUS would have changed their software in that time period.

I am rather reluctant to disable AI Suite from start up because I use the Fan Expert as my fan controller and am not sure that if AI suite isn't running my fan profiles will not run as well. I can't really find too much on 8.1 and this issue but I wasn't having this issue before I "upgraded" so I am pretty sure they are related somehow.

Edit: It actually appears that my power settings are reverting even without a reboot.
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