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Hello everyone.. i'm having a weird problem. I am overclocking (i5 3570k @4.2GHz on a AsRock Extreme4 motherboard) from a while now (a month or less). Anyway, the problem doesn't seem to be related to the overclock, because even on stock values (3.4Ghz) the problem is there.
Now, the problem i'm having is that the clock in windows seems to reset automaticcaly to some date in July, resetting every time to 2am; also many tray icons seems to be "missing" even they are still there. This (the problem with the icons) doesn't happen on each boot, but randomly.. and when it happens, i also get a error from Sapphire Trixx (which i'm not using to OC the gpu, but only to regulate the gpu's fans speed) which say that "the tray icon could not be created" or something like this.
I checked into che bios settings and it looks like into the bios too the date is wrong (seems to be the same date of july, which i get in windows) and the clock seems to reset randomly to 0am.
I tried to change the 2032 battery on the motherboard with a new one, but this didn't fixed anything. What are those problems related to? What can i do to fix this? Thanks