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CLU On the IHS? Yes or No?

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Just wanted to see what others have done. I have delided my 4770k and see about a 13c difference. i know others have seen greater but dont get me wrong i am happy with the results. I currently have clu between the die and ihs and IC diamond between the h110 and IHS. Just wondering if i should repaste and possibly try clu between the heat sink and IHS?

Also during the delid I was started on a corner and flinched a little and the blade came down on the ihs where one of the corners started. It left a small scratch that a camera couldnt even pick up. I am still kicking myself for this. Everything else went perfect except that. Thank god, everything seems fine. I am curious if there could be long term problems or if there is something else i can do to check if the processor was damaged? It just bugs me.. maybe a little ocd lol

I appreciate all your help,

heres a pic of me testing 4.6 at 1.342. It defiantly needs some voltage. But these temps were around 93 91 88 81 with no delid. Not bad

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Generally speaking, it's not worth using CLU between the IHS and the cooler. It doesn't make all that much difference there, unlike between the core and IHS.
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