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Hi guys, I am on the lookout for a Quad-socket 2011 motherboard if anyone knows of a decent model.

So far I see them going for about £750. At the moment, one in particular I have my eye on is this board...

I am wondering if there are other boards I am overlooking, and what kind of prices I'd expect to pay for just the board. It would be nice if someone could point me in the right direction. I would say perhaps my price limit is about 1000 but would probably pay more for a really good board.

I plan to put some ES chips in there as their about quarter of the price of the "retail" processors. Maybe someone has played with the ES 2011 CPUs, and could advise me if the multi is unlocked or not, I would assume it is but better if someone knows.

My goal is to use it to move up-to the socket 2011 architecture and make a new gaming rig, as I do little over-clocking these days, plus I am in desperate need of an epeen extension, 1TB of DDR3 should do the trick.

Plus the dumbfounded look I'd get off the techs face if I bring this baby to PC World help desk would be quite priceless, and offer a moments amusement. tongue.gif

Peace all.