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I won't be doing a water loop I planned because of financial reasons but the beginning of next year I will definitely build my loop.

Anyway, I am "designing" my build and I have the 140 on the back, the 3 120s in the front. I want to add 4 120s on top for exhaust but now I'm stuck on the bottom area. I will have 2 HDD cages installed with a total of 5 drives. No cages above as I will have a rad up top and front when I build my loop.

So I would like the 900D owners or experts to tell MW if I will have clearance to install 2 fans to the left of the cages / in front of my PSU and 2 on the other side, behind the hard drove cages.

I believe this will help me keep positive pressure and I'll input enough air that will naturally rise up. The back fan is mainly to exhaust the air straight from the cpu cooler.

Any advice would be nice.

Thanks guys.