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This will be a long build have to order all the hardware international shipments. 3 to 6 weeks for orders to arrive. Will have to do multiple orders. This is the planning stage 1 of the build.

Not very good at drawing so please excuse the mistakes. Never built a single loop water cool set up and only 1 dual loop. Here is the environmental conditions.

Ambient Temperatures 30 C to 34 C Very dusty. I will have to filter the TH10 case any ideas for filters will be appreciated along with any other recommendations.

I will not be updating the hardware for a couple of more years since putting the budget into a water cooled system. Made a huge mistake when I built the dual loop system. So I will have lots of dumb questions.

Current hardware to water cooled. Water blocks are all Bitspower and installed.

Evga X-58 Classified: Plan on up date to down the road.
CPU 990 X Swiftech W/Block 24/7 over clock around 4.5 or so GHz. Not real familiar with over clocking have made a few attempts. Plan on learning.
2 x Evga 580 Hydros, Wish I had three but will probably up grade the GPUs down the road to 780s x 3 waiting.

Currently have:
2 x Black Ice SR1 360 Rads. (I could use the two 360s in the bottom and fron of the case but that makes for a longer loop.
2 x Black Ice Stealth or GTX 360s never used. Do not remember slept to much since the build LOL.
4 x D5 Swiftech Pumps with Bitspower 655 Mod Kits.
12 x Phobya 120x120x20mm Radiator Shroud Plexi
2 x EK-RES X3 250 Advanced reservoirs
Lots of Bitspower Compression Fittings for 3/4 in O.D. x 1/2 in I.D. May have to purchase a few more fittings we will see as the build progress..

Need to purchase:

TH-10 by Caselabs
3 x Black Ice SR1 480 Rads. 1 480 in the bottom M/Board side and one in the top M/Board side the third 480 rad (Not shown) will be in the PSU brackets.
Bitspower BP-2D5TOPP-BK Dual D5 Mod Top

Questions and concerns:

Blue is the loop.

Order of loop. From EK res to rad 1. To rad 2 on the top right of the case above the PSUs to Rad 3 in picture top, to CPU, M/Board, 2 x 580 GPUs, to EK res.

Questions and concerns:

1. Is a dual loop or single loop better? Have read single loop is better for over all cooling if you have enough rads and large enough pumps (Gallons per hour).

2. Plan on pushing the air thru the bottom rad so the fans & Shrouds are in the wrong location on the bottom rad.

3. Pushing the air or pulling the air in the top rads? which is better pull or push?

4. Do I really need the Phoyba 120 mm x 20 mm Shrouds?

5. Fan selection: What fans do you recommend? I want quiet and efficient cooling.

6. Tubing thinking about going rigid. My concern is the break down of tubing and building up inside of the water blocks and fittings.

Please recommend coolant:

7. Coolant in the past I have used Distilled water with a 99.9 percent silver Kill Koils in the loops with out adverse effects. Have read a lot what coolant does to tubing and water blocks. I would like to go with a color scheme this build. Planning on LED lights and maybe some UV lighting. The only place I can get Deionized water is thru a medical supply house. Very pricy. Not available in stores.

Fan Consideration:

Noctuas are real ugly a little DIY would improve the looks. Leaning towards the Noctuas. Don't concern yourself with lights the Phobya Shrouds are set up for LED lighting.

1. Noctua NF-S12B FLX 120mm

Without Adapters With L.N.A. With U.L.N.A.
Airflow 100.6 m³/h
(59.3 CFM) 75.8 m³/h
(44.6 CFM) 49.2 m³/h
(29.0 CFM)
Noise 18.1 dB(A) 10.6 dB(A) 6.2 dB(A)
RPM (+/- 10%) 1200 900 600
Bearing SSO-Bearing
Blade Geometry NF-S12B Blade Design with BBT
Input Power 1.2 Watts
Voltage Range 12 V
MTBF > 150,000 H

2. Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPro PL-2 120mm x 25mm

Size: 120x120x25mm
Weight: 120g
Rated Voltage: 12 V
Operating Voltage: 4-13.8 V
Start voltage: 4.5 Volt
Input power (watt): 1.92 Watt
Input current (A): 0.16A (Max)
RPM: 1400 (+/- 10%)
Dielectric strength: 5 mA (Max)
Static pressure: 1.269 mm-H2O
Airflow: 98 m3/h (12V)
Acoustical noise: ca. 20 dB/A
MTBF (25°C): 160 000 Std.
Connector: connectible 3 Pin Molex incl. signal wire

3. Scythe SP1225FDB12M Kama Flow2 Series 120mm Case Fan
Part Number RPM Noise
Level Air Flow MTBF Rated
SP1225FDB12M 1400 ± 10% 27.6 dB 47.50 CFM 120000hrs 0.30A