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I'm currently working on overclocking my two 670 EVGA 02G-P4-2670-KR to run in SLI. I'm using a guide (, but it doesn't really cover the problem I'm facing. I'm using HeavenBenchmark v4.0

Basically, I've tweaked my GPU Clock Offset to +130MHz for both of the cards.

On my first card, I'm getting (+Mem Clock, Score):

Trial 1: +100, 786
Trial 2: +200, 789
Trial 3: +300, 790
Trial 4: +400, 788
Trial 5: +500, 790
Trial 6: +600, 786

and above that crashes.

With my second card, I can only hit +500 Memory Clock before I get artifacts, so I'm getting:

Trial 1: +0, 769
Trial 2: +300, 759
Trial 3: +500, 757

Now, my problem is that the guide says to keep increasing Memory Clock by increments of 100 until you lose 5 points, and then to back it off. However, on the second card, going from trial 1 to trial 2, I lost 10 points. Does this mean I should try setting both to somewhere between +0-+300? Or should I just go ahead and set both to +500?

TL;DR: In SLI, when does the score dropping get outweighed by the combined +Mem Clock?


EDIT: I went ahead and tried the GPU Clock Offset of +130 and Memory Clock Offset of +500, but now I can't even launch heavenmark. At first it would say it couldn't do full screen, and now it's launching and then immediately flashing colors before crashing. Even on stock clock settings it is crashing. I'm beyond confused thumbsdownsmileyanim.gifJust realized there was a SLI driver that I needed to download. It works now. Derp. The SLI driver actually disabled SLI, that's why Heavenmark ran. Is Heavenmark not built for SLI?

I can run 3DMark Firestrike and Firestrike extreme. With +130/+500, I'm getting scores of 8735 and 5239, respectively.

The more I'm looking at it, PrecisionX keeps resetting to the base voltage, regardless of where I set the slider. Is there anyway to make it keep the voltage I set it on?
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