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Build A or B

Poll Results: Build A or B?

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Build A) 3570k, GENE V, msi 7950, modded Fractal Core 1000 with side panel window and two 92mm bottom fans.

Build B) 3570k, z77 Stinger, GTX 760 or used 680, EVGA minibox case (out very soon).

Both rigs will have more than adequate PSU + 8 gig 1866 RAM. I will only run one card so the extra lane on the GENE isn't a concern for me. If I need more GPU power, I'll upgrade.

This is at 1080p 60 hz playing first person shooter titles online 99% of the time.

I really like the mITX build for portability, but the fractal is pretty small too. I have just about every part mentioned above except the GTX gpu. I plan on selling off what I don't use and keeping the rest for my next build. It's just a few things I've collected over the last year. None of it has even been used yet lol.
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A if you are planning on SLI upgrades later on. B if you want a small system.
Remember that ITX systems dont offer as good upgradebility as atx or even mATX, and unless you really need to save space i wouldn't recommend one. Just my two cents thumb.gif
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I will never run two cards. I will sell my old and upgrade to a stronger card 100% of the time.
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In that case ITX could be a viable option. And damn that Evga box is so nice wink.gif
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