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[igm] ZED: Absolution Searches for Backers

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A few months back I came across a great looking and very promising top down shooter called ZED: Absolution (ZED) and just a few days back the developers Zombie Killers put up an Indiegogo campaigning and need your help, but what is ZED?.

ZED is a top down shooter which draws much of its inspiration from classic games like SmashTV but does not simple just lift the idea, they have gone much further and expanded upon the idea.

The story for ZED is a very interesting tale of redemption, taking a great deal of inspiration from biblical stories. ZED is essentially a fallen angel in who has been banished from the holy lands and must earn his redemption by fighting in the Tournament Of The Accord.

It is in this tournament which ZED can claim his absolution and finally return to the holy land once more, this will not be easy as each realm will throw new and more terrifying warriors of legion at you.

ZED looks to be a promising new top down shooter with an unconventional story that seems to give this otherwise mindless body melter an in-depth story and no doubt a fantastic narrative. By combining RPG, FPS, and multiplayer elements into ZED it seems that Zombie Killers have created a fun in-depth game that offers a lot of potential game play.

I've played the game and I can attest that it has real potential, unlike your traditional arena-style top-down shooters this will incorporate complex leveling as well as a rich and captivating narrative.

The game aims to be completely cross platform from mobile devices to consoles and even Linux, something I feel should be much more common place in the industry. If one man can accomplish this almost completely on his own, lets see those money machines that call themselves "game studios" do the same!

Anyone interested in trying it out can download a free multiplayer demo at: zedabsolution.com
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I've tried this game and it seems pretty sick, lots of potential here.
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